Josh Groban – visuals for Straight To You tour

Knifedge hired me as lead creative on the visuals for the 2011 Josh Groban Straight To You Tour.  Working initially in the UK and then with final preparation in America, I led a team of 2D and 3D artists to create content for Tim Bird and David Farley’s magnificent set design.  After some fun months of work the tour launched in New Orleans and went on to 65 arenas, playing to nearly 500,000 people.


Hot Springs Chinese festival

Working with the now defunct Knifedge, I led a team creating projected content for a heliosphere at a Chinese Festival. Beginning in London and then finishing the work on-site just outside of Changsha, we were witnesses to an unbelievable Chinese spectacular, featuring hundreds of dancers, wire work, floating stages in lakes, miles of LED, and the most stunning fireworks I’ve seen by a long chalk (and I was in Naples when they got promoted to Serie A). You can see some of my storyboard stills below.

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